St.Albans Tastes

A Pony Called Steve


Who on earth is Steve though?

Steve is a tiny Shetland pony. A proper tiny one. With Glitter in his Mane, Rainbows in his Heart and a particularly cheeky Twinkle in his Eye.

How on Earth did you end up with A Pony Called Steve in your life?

Emma & Aminah have worked together forever + ever. They studied together at GSA and have been in each others’ minds and pockets ever since.

One fateful day (when Aminah was thoroughly sick of the traffic) she made a declaration.

I will not be driving to work any more! I will have a pony. A tiny pony. A pony as big as a quite big dog. I will ride him to work and I will be happy!

Well, that was the start. Every day the pony became more colourful. And glittery. He wore a rainbow cape. He sported a fake moustache. He thought he was a unicorn.

That Pony was called Steve.

Does Steve do a lot of work over at Steve Towers?

Steve is an ever present entity. He makes demands and wanders off. He shouts ‘Ha! No. Stop that’ if we ever consider surrendering to the beige.

Steve makes us chuckle. He also makes us do very serious things, like never ever test on animals.

He encourages us to be better, to make better stuff and to try harder. He’s the reason most of our products are now vegan friendly and our products don’t contain any nasty, silly stuff like parabens or SLS.

​He’s also downright gorgeous.


That would be Emma + Aminah. They’d be delighted to answer your questions, chat about the products and help in any way they can. They’ll carefully pack your parcels and send them out with lots of love.

They’re always planning and designing new scents and new packaging. They talk about Steve alllllll day long, fuelled by coffee & cheesy music.

There are often tiny ladies ‘helping out’ as APCS headquarters is a very baby friendly place to be!