St.Albans Tastes

Fashion & Lifestyle

Life, by definition, is what distinguishes us from inorganic matter.   It’s also existence.  Life can be beautiful, grief filled, crazy, painful, it’s the slow stroll or fast dive towards the flame, which in the end will consume us, leaving but a puff of smoke.

Style is a way of doing things, a manner, a distinctive appearance, a brand, a design, a way of creating.

In the end, it’s how we spend our time and the people we surround ourselves with which makes life so interesting.

That flame burning ahead of us, we want it to burn orange, purple, fuchsia, teal and black, like the 5th of November fireworks soaring over the Cathedral, with our community gathered together, eyes cast up to the sky.

St Albans Tastes Lifestyles is a celebration of how our fantastic community creates something out of a thought, a concept and brings it into existence.

Whether it’s a business selling beautiful things, a community group coming together to raise money or the Herts Young Homeless creating art from a day in their life, these were once sparks, ideas manifested into existence and  becoming part of the fabric of our daily community life.

We want to shout out to the world about our community life and their style.

Oh, and we love a fabulous dress too!