St.Albans Tastes

Our Biography

St Albans Tastes champions and campaigns for independent, local and unique businesses, community groups, not for profits, charities and people in St Albans and the surrounds.

It’s sprung out of our love for food, music, design and, most importantly our community and the hard working, clever people creating brilliant things to see, touch, taste, smell and hear.

“Things that make you go Eek. Things that make you cry. Things that can overwhelm you with emotion and lead you to action.”

We live in one of the greatest cities in England.  The people of St Albans have a heart for art, a taste for the delicious and a collective conscientiousness that reaches out to help, support and promote each other.  Our community is not afraid to stand up and speak out for what is right.

St Albans Tastes celebrates everything, the good, the bad, the pink, the teal, the purple, the grey and the black, the darkness and the light, because the creativity of our community comes in all hues.

“We watch as St Albans comes together to support those without or who need help.”

Integral to this are our local businesses who face many challenges, including significant increases in business rates and Brexit uncertainty.  Our independent businesses are the life blood of our community, employing local, investing local, supporting each other and they play a key role in supporting our local charities.

As central government continues to tighten the screws on local government funding, depleting the amount of money available for needed social services, we watch in admiration as our local businesses step into fill the void.

From fashion shows and theatre productions, wine tastings, music or marathons, our independent pubs,  restaurants and local businesses together raise millions of pounds  each year for local charities. We need to support our local independent businesses. Helping them, helps St Albans remain the vibrant, caring, sharing, giving community we all know and love.

“We are lifestyle, music, food, art, clothing, textiles, books, culture, podcasts, video,  branding, events & promotions.   Please contact us if you want a social media shout out, for if you want to feature your business or unique creations on our website”

St Albans blows our mind. We want to shout about it, we want to tout everything delicious it has to offer, we want to share it’s beauty, character, people and soul with the world.

“If you have a job vacancy in St Albans, or are seeking employment in our fantastic city (and who wouldn’t), feel free to post a vacancy on our jobs page.”

“We want to put a big spoon into the bowl that is St Albans life and taste it all.”