St.Albans Tastes

St.Albans Tastes – Art

Look local, shop local, buy local and hang it on your wall, put it in your garden, wear it on your head and out on the town or use it to dry your dishes!

There is nothing like a piece of art, in whatever form it comes, to make you think, to lift your spirits, to give as a gift, to inspire and lush rich colours blow our minds!

The creative city of St Albans is full of art and beauty, from the ancient Roman mosaics to the delightful and practical tea towels and mugs from local artist Hannah Sessions, we love it all. There is vibrant St Albans Art Society and plenty of galleries including the Nude Tin Can in Fleetville. Watch out for exhibitions from the V&A as well in our stunning St Albans Museum, or pick up a work of art when you dine at one of our lovely local restaurants including Thompsons Dining which offer up a fest for your eyes from local and regional artists. Our favourite events are the Childwickbury Arts Festival and their Christmas market, for incredible works of art including fantastical and elegant creations from Andrew Fishhead hats.

“If you love art and like to shop local, you can pick up a piece of gorgeousness in the gallery at Simple Syrup Design House which features local works and artists we have made honorary St.Albanites.” #artismagic