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And welcome to the St.Albans Tastes new website!

St Albans Tastes is a concept, an idea, a project, a plan, an enterprise, sprung out of love for food, music, design and, most importantly our community and the hard working, clever people creating brilliant things to see, touch, taste, smell and hear.

We are also about promoting and connecting.  Do you want a job in a fantastic St Albans business?   How about some vocational training.   Do you have a job vacancy?  If so then feel free to post your position directly onto our website via our jobs page.

Do you need a new brand, a brand refresh, a new business image?  All supported by a grass roots media and social media campaign connecting you to a new demographic?    We can help you put old school super cool into your business image through the expression of who you really are and what you do!

For those of you who have an artsy, bohemian, indie bent we’ve got some exclusive to St Albans Tastes and the UK cool stuff for sale.  Plus some best in St Albans artisan gifts too!

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